Hemikal Health Center is the health institution that performs its activities in primary and specialist level. Therefore, Hemikal Health Center has a mission to:

  • Preserving, improving and protecting the health, prevention and early detection of illness, treatment and rehabilitation of sick and injured people;
  • Preventive health care for citizen groups exposed to a greater risk of disease;
  • Education and counseling for preserving and improving health as well as the prevention, early detection, control and treatment of malignant diseases;
  • Treatment and rehabilitation at patient’s home, as well as action in the field of psycho-social and physical health of employees in the workplace.

The mission of Hemikal Health Center is realizing on the basis of modern medical achievements in order to meet the needs of citizens for primary and specialist health protection.

The main target of using resources of the Hemikal Health Center is based on the idea that all service users get the best possible health care, so that the number of healthy people increases.

In order to achieve this goal, we have built not only modern health facilities, but also a positive attitude towards work which is reflected in ongoing initiative, high responsibility and discipline in the execution of all tasks related to patients. Therefore, we influence the consciousness of each individual and show the importance of their own responsibility for personal health. Each of our patient is the same as another, we give maximum care to everyone with the idea that the patient is "his own doctor" and Hemikal Health Center, as selected health institution with the selected patient's doctor, is his friend who he recognizes in every moment and to whom he can always rely on in his health care.

HEMIKAL HEALTH CENTER is the institution of primary health care in which the activities of employees are focused on ensuring that every man is a specific individual who, thanks to our work also, expresses happiness, love and satisfaction in life.




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